Thursday, May 6, 2021


  It's raining again, usually we have raining weather in April, but it appears it's going to be May...we are having April weather in May...go figure.  Hoping it lets up enough to get the tomato plants in the ground.

I've been crocheting the last couple of days.  Working on my Ripple Afghan.  I've made 14 of these afghan over the years.  And they are all used.  

I've almost got the Teapot Quilt Tied...I'll be finishing that up today.  I'll also be cutting my binding for this quilt today.  Hoping I get started on it this evening.

I got a couple books from the library today.  I'm starting a new book series by James Patterson. It's the Michael Bennett series by James Patterson.  Book 1 is Step on a Crack....James Patterson is one of my favorite authors.  

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  1. You teapot quilt is sew pretty! I have never tied a quilt. Tied quilts look so vintage and sweet to me. I have not made crocheted a ripple afghan in a long time. Always easy, fun and makes a lovely blanket. I still have one I made for my second baby over 35 years ago. All the others I made were given away long ago. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind word on my blog today ... :) Pat

  2. I like your colorful zig-zags. The teapots are cute, too.


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