Tuesday, August 30, 2022


 Over at Teas Quilt Gal...it's To-Do Tuesday.  Here's my list from last week.

1. Finish the Red Work Quilt!!πŸ‘Ž

2. Finish block 1 of Down on the Farm...and start the 2nd block

 3. TAST....wk 26..Barb Stitch.πŸ‘Ž

4. Start the Alphabet Snowman Quilt.πŸ‘Ž

5.  Work on my See ya Later Alligator Quilt.

The Red Work Quilt is still in the hoop...I really need to get that one done.  I've got 3 more waiting to be put in the hoop.

The first block of Down on The Farm series is done, I've started the 2nd one...it's almost done.


No TAST stitches, I'm behind 6 stitches to do.  Speaking of TAST...the new stitch today is the Alternating Up and Down Stitch.  You can see this at Pintangle.

I kind of got a few items done for my Alphabet Snowman Quilt.  I got my pretty blue fabric a couple of days ago...this is what I'm going to put the Snowmen on.

 My See ya Later Alligator quilt is coming along.  But....I've hit a boo boo that needs corrected. So I'll see what I can do with this.  It may get put in the "forgotten" box for a while.

To-Do Tuesday, August 30th through September 5th

1.  Get busy and tie the Red Work Quilt.

2. Catch up on my TAST stitches.

3.  Start cutting fabric for the Snowman Quilt.

Have an awesome....


  1. Your Down on the Farm block is adorable! So sweet! Good luck with your list this week!

  2. Hi Sherrie, yes your Down on the Farm block is adorable for sure. I love that dotted fabric for your Alphabet Snowmen. Now is that a Crabapple Hill design or maybe Bunny Hill; I think both of them have Snowmen embroidery patterns. Anyway, have fun with it all!

  3. Hi Sherrie! Your Down on the Farm block is cute! Love that fabric for your snowmen. Looks like you've got a good list going for the week.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


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