Saturday, August 6, 2022


 As I've been feeling really crappy this week, there hasn't been too much quilting going on here. I have a To-Do Box of projects I"m working when the mood strikes me I can pull something out and start working on it.

 But I did start putting my pink and purple baskets together.  I've got 2 rows done.  These were done with some scrap Pink and Purple I had.  I'm hoping I have enough to make a small quilt.

And I put a few stitches in my Hand Picked block for my Hand Picked Quilt.  This quilt is a lot of scraps I have of odds and ends fabrics.  With a few new colors I've added.  And there are some orange ones I can use for my Rainbow Scrap I'm working on.

Do any of you, keep a Quilt Diary or calendar!  I have calendar I use to write what I've worked on for that day.  This is July's calendar.  As you can see each day is full.  I've also left empty squares for notes about anything to do with what I'm working on.

I've also got a  list of fabrics I need to pull and a list of blocks I need to make.  So I guess I better get busy and start cutting fabric.  Have a wonderful...

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