Tuesday, August 9, 2022


 My To-Do Tuesday list from last week.

1. Work on Hand Picked blocks

2. Start putting the Pink and Purple baskets together.✔

3. Tie the Red Work quilt and Cut Binding.✋progressing.

4.  Crochet some more Granny Squares.


1.  I got a few more Hand Picked Blocks done.

2.  I started putting the Pink Baskets together.  I ran out of the purple...so I have to make some more.

3,  Started tying the Red Work quilt.  I got a few stitches in, and side tracked.


4.  And I've got a lot of Granny Squares done, I just need to sew them together.

What I want to accomplish next week.

1. make more purple baskets

2.. Tie more of the Red Work Quilt.

3. Do more Hand Picked blocks.

4. Start sewing granny squares together.

5.  Work on my Down on the Farm blocks.(New Project) 

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  1. Your basket quilt is so cute! That's quite a pile of Granny squares, too. Good luck with your list this week!

  2. Hi Sherrie! I'm looking forward to seeing more of those pretty baskets. That Granny square pile is impressive. So you got sidetracked on your redwork? I relate!
    Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!


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