Sunday, April 26, 2020

Found What Was Lost....

Have you ever put something up or stored it away....and then forgot about it?  I did that.  A few years ago I put a lot of fabric in a tub...intending to use it at a later time.  Then totally forgot about it.  Well, I went digging for it yesterday and found it!!!!
In the tub are some of my 1930's reproduction fabrics.  Also some 1930's reproduction Sunbonnet Sue and Dresden Plate pieces.  Totally forgot about these. 
I did a Dresden Plate swap a few years ago.  This is all the packs I got.  I think there is enough to do a small quilt.
These are cut 1930's reproduction Sunbonnet Sue pieces.  I'll be working on these also.  So I'll be adding both of these projects to my ever growing QUILT LIST.  (Which you can see the list at the bottom of my side bar.)
So I have enough hand sewing to do for awhile.  I'll also be putting the binding on a quilt, since my sewing machine is broke, I'll be sewing the binding on by hand.  Which quilt am I binding...My Spring Quilt and the 4th of July quilt is in the hoop to be tied.  So I'll be keeping busy.

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  1. Great projects! I did forget about a couple of things and got up on the shelf near the ceiling 2 years ago, and found 2 projects and finished them, finally after about 20 years!

  2. LOL!! Yes. I made a quilt top, put it in a drawer to quilt later. Years later, I got a longarm quilting machine. I was looking for something else entirely and found that quilt top (that I had no recollection of making!) Thankfully, a quilt bee friend remembered a demo I had done at her very first meeting with our group.

  3. Oh yes. I have put away UFOs neat and tidy for another day only to be unintentionally forgotten. Now I use clear storage containers as contents are more visible.

  4. I was digging through some containers this year and found some interesting things. One quilt mostly cut out.... no pattern anywhere! Well before blogging days so I have no clue. Have fun stitching on those 'new found' projects.

  5. What a treasure to find! I have definitely put things away in a safe place like that. Happy Stitching!


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