Monday, April 27, 2020


Spring is trying to come here in North Eastern Indiana....but Winter seems to want to linger around.  We have had some cold days and warm days.  The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming and I saw the bees are out and busy.  I even saw a mosquito.  And for me Spring means the Tree Frogs are back.  I heard them singing a few nights ago.
I was blog hopping and found this site...The Squirrelbasket.....they have something called I'm Following A can get all info on this here.....
I've decided to join in with them.  I'm surrounded by Maple Trees here at my home.  Don't know how long they have been here, but I've lived here since July of 1981.  They are big, strong trees and they are beautiful when in full leaf.  In the Fall they have some beautiful colors.  I have picked out a tree among the many around here and will be reporting on this tree every month.  This is my tree....
The tree was topped a few years it has lots of new growth.  At this time it is starting to get it's leaves.  Lots of critters visit this tree, sitting, scampering up it, or just crawling up it.  I'll keep you posted on what's going on with my tree.

Also a sign of spring around here is the Violets....they grow wild in our yard, flower beds and gardens.  They are considered a pest  around here...but they are so pretty in the spring.
This one is growing in one of my flower beds.....I think I'll leave it there and see what happens to it over the season.

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  1. Thank you for the mention!
    Please do join in with the next Tree Following linkbox - I will be publishing it on May 7.
    It would be lovely to have someone else over there in the USA.
    All the best :)

  2. I like the name Squirrelbasket. I'll have to check it out.

  3. It will be so interesting following your maple through the months!

    Your violets are beautiful

  4. I love hearing the tree frogs, American toads and leopard frogs calling. It is true music.....Michelle

  5. You have so many more lovely signs of spring that I do here in New Zealand! How wonderful to find bees out and hearing the frogs. Spring can't be far away for you :)

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World


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