Thursday, April 30, 2020


Because it's the last day of April.  It's been wet, cold and windy this month.  We even had some snow, not much, but enough that you could see it on the ground.  But it has mostly been rainy this month.

Overall, April was a wet month with most of the state reporting 4 to 7 inches of rain which is 125-150% of the normal precipitation for April.  
The maximum wind gust was 46mph out of the north.  17days with above normal average temperatures, 12days with below normal average temperatures, 1 day with normal average temperatures

I got 2 of the quilts on my list done.  The Easter Quilt....
I've also gotten the Spring Quilt done, just need to put the label on....
That's Bob laying next to the quilt.  He's napping....

  The next 13 Quilts on my list of UFO'S.....
1. Dresden Quilt(Gray Center)
2. 6" Crazy Quilt

3. Jar Quilt
4. Happy Scrappy Quilt

5. Boo Quilt
6. Valentine Quilt7. Dresden Quilt(Red Center)
8. Under The Sea Quilt
9. Spring Quilt
10. 4th of July Quilt

11.ABC Quilt
12. Circle Quilt

13. Indiana Leaves Quilt

As for reading....none this week.  I've been occupied with these 2 quilts.   While working on my quilts I have been watching The Black List on Netflix.....trying to catch up on episodes I've missed.

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  1. I'm curious how "happy scrappy" will turn out!

  2. Both of your quilts are adorable! What kind of applique technique do you use? I use freezer paper. I'm also an avid reader. I just finished My Dark Vanessa. It was good but very intense. Are you on Goodreads? It's nice to "meet" you!!

  3. wowie!that weather is nutty! Your applique is lots of fun! Good luck on the ufo's. I just looked thru mine and there may, just possibly be a hundred.... thousand of them

  4. Wow, interesting names for quilts! I wish I had gotten into sewing but it never came naturally to me.

  5. Hi Sherrie! Aww, look at Bob. All passed out - he didn't even notice the quilt on his paw. I love dogs. So, which quilt is speaking to you to work on next? I hope it's the Jar quilt. I love those and I just know yours will inspire me . . . to make my own. HAHA! Just what I don't need. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Wow, LOTS of UFOs. That should keep you busy for a while. I really like your spring quilt. :-)


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