Tuesday, April 28, 2020

TA DA......

For To-Do-Tuesday last week my list was....

1. Finish the Easter Quilt (it's been in the hoop "forever")(DONE)
2.  Learn a new Embroidery Stitch
3.  Put the Spring Quilt in the hoop.(DONE)

 The Easter Quilt is done.....Ta Da....
Since my sewing machine is broken, I had to do the binding by hand.  This was the first time I done this...hope I done it right.  I found I really like doing the binding by hand.  It's very relaxing.
The Spring Quilt is tied and I'm putting the binding on now.  It will be done by tomorrow.  The 4th of July Quilt is in the hoop now.
 As for learning the a new embroidery stitch, that didn't happen..so I've added that to my list for next week. 

The TAST stitch, over at Pintangle for Week 15 was Butterfly Chain Stitch....here's mine.  The TAST stitch for Week 16 is Coral Stitch...you can find all the stitch tutorials in Sharon's Stitch Dictionary.  Head over and check it out.

My To-Do for the week of April 28th through May 4th:

My list for next week....
1. Tie and bind the 4th of July Quilt
2.  Learn a new embroidery stitch...Wrapped Coral Stitch
3. Work on my SAL(Stitch A Long)


  1. Hi Sherrie! I'm glad you gave hand sewing a binding a chance. That is my favorite part of a quilt finish. It's like one last bonding chance to enjoy each part of the quilt before it goes to its forever home. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Cute easter quilt :) Sorry to hear your machine is broken but kudos to you for finishing the binding anyway. Thanks for linking up with the Chameleon's Colour & Inspiration party!


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