Thursday, April 16, 2020


I am joining Brian for Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.....Want to join in...just hop over to Brian's place to see what everyone is posting today.

What I'm thankful for....





My son, Tommy

That I can still work on quilts.  I have Degenerative Join Disease....Want to know what this is?  Check out the link I've provided.  I have this in my hips, knees and spine..I'm thankful it hasn't gotten to my fingers yet.  So I can still do this.....
And this.....
I'm thankful my son bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. So I am  learning to read books on my Kindle Fire....Our library has closed due to the virus.  So I've been reading books this way.  I'm slowly adjusting to not having an actual book in my hands.  The book I just finished and it was really good....See my review here.....

Hope you all........


  1. Yes, grandies are always reasons in which to be thankful! I'm so sorry to hear about your joint disease. The quilts will be beautiful reminders of your labors of love. Have you tried any essential oils on your joints? I use them when I get stiff and sore. I don't have a Kindle, but have downloaded a few books from the library on my laptop. It's not as good as curling up with a physical book, but it allows me to read a wider variety of authors. Hope you and yours stay strong. X

  2. You sure have a nice looking family and your quilts are beautiful. We've no talent here so we admire those who do. Getting used to reading on Kindle is a challenge but now we don't think about it much, we just read away. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments- love your post- family is the best! Hugs and stay well.

  4. Yay for quilting. I'm getting on the ebook bandwagon. I like real books better. But reading is reading - I'll take it any way I can get!


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