Thursday, May 21, 2020


I have a really long list of quilts that need to be finished....the tops are done, just haven't put them together.  I really love making quilts, and I always have so many ideas floating around in my head, but I hate putting them together.  So I have challenge myself to do at least 1 a month...or maybe 2 a month.  Here is my list of 13 quilts to finish....linking up for Thursday 13.

1. Zoey's Quilt
2. ABC Quilt
3. Happy Scrappy Quilt
4. Jar Quilt
5. Boo Quilt
6. Valentine Quilt
7. Under the Sea Quilt
8. Indiana Leaves Quilt
9. Crazy Quilt - 12"
10. Dresden Quilt
11. Circles Quilt
12. Red Work Quilt
13. Blue Work Quilt

All of these quilt tops are done, except for the redwork and bluework.  All I have to is sandwich and bind them.  I'm working on the Happy Scrappy quilt now.  I'm putting the binding on should be done in a few days.
Have a great......


  1. Happy Scrappy sounds fun. I wonder why the color quilts have the word work after them.

  2. That is a lot of work! I hope you get them completed.

  3. I do the same thing - love making blocks and quilt tops, but getting them basted for quilting, not so much! Good luck on finishing up a couple each month! I'm trying for that, too.

  4. That's a lot of quilts to finish! I would like to start on my own quilt, so I love seeing pictures. That's an adorable quilt!

  5. Very interesting names of quilts! I love quilts, beautiful work of art. They're so expensive where I live. Maybe one day when I have extra money, I'll buy one.

  6. Saying Happy Scrappy Quilt aloud makes me smile. Happy fun stitching!

  7. I'd like to only have 13 quilts to finish! so many wips, ufos and pigs (projects in grocery sacks)LeeAnna


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