Thursday, May 7, 2020


I was blog hopping one day and came across The Squirrelbasket blog.  They have what is called I'm Following A I decided to join in.  After all the trees support us...without them we couldn't breath...they make the oxygen we need to breath.

This is my Tree.....A big old Maple just outside my back door.

I went out and took some pictures of the bark this week.  It has what I call old bark...because it is old...I've lived here 40 years and the tree was already this size when we moved here. This is the small hole... I've seen squirrels sitting here while munching on food.  They are fast little buggers...I seem to get a picture of them.

There is another hole on the other side...I had to take 2 pictures to get the whole thing.  This is the top of the hole...
And this is the bottom of the hole....
I'm afraid one of these days it will fall down....and depending on the direction of the will take off the back of our house or the back deck and garden area.  We lost a big maple a few years ago...thankfully it fell straight into it's neighbor tree.

Want to join  I'm Following A Tree.....just click on this link and you'll get all the info you need to join in with all the others.


  1. I love maple trees! Does anything live in that hole?

  2. I like your tree. I'm definitely a tree-hugger. A nice big tree in our yard was a huge selling point when we bought our house.

  3. I'm glad you joined in the fun. That's a big tree—I'm looking forward to seeing it covered in leaves.

  4. Welcome to the tree following community!

    I wonder if especially the larger of those holes in the bark are the result of old cuts, e.g. if someone has harvested the inner bark at some point in the past?

  5. Lovely tree - and I hope it stays standing for a long while yet!
    Thank you so much for joining us in Tree Following - and I hope to explore many more of your blog posts about embroidery and books etc.
    Take care :)

  6. A brilliant tree. Interesting bark. Fascinating hole.


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