Monday, May 25, 2020


We are having a mix of Spring and Summer weather here.  It has rained everyday for the last 2 weeks.  Several of those days were downpours.......the rest were just rain a little and then stop....continuing like this all day.  So everything is wet...wet...wet. 
The last couple of days it has been in the low 60's and 70's, with high humidity.  According to the calendar it is still spring....but it feels a lot like summer. 
Everything is blooming or about to bloom around here.  The grass is growing really fast.

The Rose Bush I planted two years ago is loaded with blooms...
The front garden is a little bare....haven't planted anything new this spring.  The Hosta's and lillies are doing good. Thinking about some petunias and marigolds to keep the flamingos and gnomes company.
 This is what I call a "Lost Cause Garden".  I've planted lots of stuff here, but nothing seems to grow, except the weeds and grass.  Right now it's a collection of garden pots and other decorations.
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  1. flamingos make garden look sweet.

    Have a great day

  2. Spring or summer is a godo question. Living in Sweden I would ad Winter to them. :( I like your flowerbed with tiny flamingos in it. I have 4 similar ones on my balcony box :) But mine has fluffy feathers on them :)

  3. I like your lost cause garden! We've had hardly any rain here in recent months (though we had a very wet winter)

  4. Flowers never fail to spread joy. I like the flamingo & gnomes garden accessories ..... makes the garden more fun and attractive.

  5. I’ll bet everybody with a yard has a “lost cause” garden spot...they just don’t acknowledge it as cleverly. Pretty gardens ... sweet flamingos .. it’s funny, I see more of them in yards and gardens here in Oregon than I ever +do in Florida, where there actually are some of their real, live cousins)).

  6. Well May had some winter I will take all the rain we are having.. Michelle


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