Sunday, May 24, 2020


I have company for a few niece Zoey is here for 2 weeks...and Jazmane, my sons girlfriend's sister is staying a few days.  My routine gets disrupted,  I don't like change, but I learn to reading and quilting goes to the side, with snips of each along the way.

Last week I got a few Crazy Quilt blocks made...
I finished the book I was reading...Green Lake by S. K. can see my review at my Book Blog....Just Books!!!!

I started a new book....All Lies by Andrew can check it out here.
I got the Scrappy Happy Quilt out of the hoop and started putting the binding on.
That's the stitching I'll be doing today....adding more binding.

I was walking around the yard looking at the flowers blooming...the Tulips were really pretty this year, but didn't last long....all the constant rain beat them up.

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  1. Your Scrappy Happy is delightful, Sherrie -- I love those lady bugs! Tulips never do last long enough, but maybe that's what makes them such special visitors when they do appear in our gardens. Those yellow and red ones are my favorites; they are the kind we had in our garden when I was a little girl in Minnesota. Down here in the Carolinas I've managed to grow daffodils, but the tulips I plant never come back. Either they are rotting in the clay soil, or it doesn't get cold enough for the dormant bulbs, or else something is eating them!

  2. Oh I love the quilting! I finished a baby boy quilt last week with polar bears and penguins. I haven't started a new thing yet but I have some others in progress to get finished.

    Wow like Rebecca I am in NC and moved here from MN. I'm just starting to plant things in my yard, so far just a shrub rose and a daylily. Plus lots of lettuce, chard, herbs, tomatoes. It's been perfect weather until a couple weeks ago, now it's warmer and raining 5 days a week instead of 1 day a week.

    Stay well!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. Love those sweet little lady bugs. Enjoy your stitching of the binding.

  4. Such a pretty little quilt, is it for someone special perhaps?

  5. Your scrappy happy quilt is lovely! it's such a shame when the weather spoils our lovely flowers we have had awful winds these past few days and my poor garden is completely bedraggled, have a lovely week.

  6. Hope you enjoyed some binding time yesterday... thanks for linking up!

  7. I love the tulips. I hope you can enjoy your company.

  8. Love the Scrappy Happy Quilt, those lady bugs are so cute.


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