Thursday, May 7, 2020

TURSDAY 13.....

What is Thursday 13.....hop over and check out what everyone is sharing....

1. make a list of 13 things on Thursdays.
2. Topic is your choice. You can be eclectic, list your collections, your books, your tattoos, or whatever strikes your fancy.  Can't think of anything for your list....there is a suggestion page with lots of ideas.

Things on my desk...

1. Thread
2. Embroidery Floss
3. Pin Cushion
4. Safety Pins
5. Box of Beads
6. Local Newspaper
7. Toothpick Holder
8. Calendar
9. Stapler
10. Fly Swatter
11. Clock
12. Ash Try
13. Pieces of Fabric

Just click the picture to see a larger version. 

Have a great.....


  1. Just the normal desk stuff. I have some plastic frogs in a circle and I can't remember how they got there.

  2. lol ash try? does that mean you're trying to quit?
    horizontal surfaces are magnets... I like seeing these kinds of lists!

  3. I have some of the same things on my desk!


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