Monday, May 4, 2020


While on a stroll around our yard I came across this plant...I've seen these plants pop up around the place, but have no idea what they are.  If someone can help with information, it would be greatly appreciated....

While I was out strolling I came across Spade, our cat.  He seemed very interested in this patch of grass.  He was rubbing his chin all over it.

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  1. I'm guessing that is a weed of some sort? Maybe Broadleaf Plantain.

    Cats do like to eat greens and maybe there was a bit of catnip growing there ?

  2. Google images of Rapistrum rugosum. I hope that's not what you have, but if it is, get it out of there before it blooms.

  3. Cute cat...I am not good at plant ID but there are Facebook groups who do that..

  4. These look like some broad leaf weed. Not an expert to pin point which one..... Have a happy weekend

  5. Your kitty is having a great time playing outside! Not a care in the world! (Sometimes don’t you envy them?)


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