Sunday, May 17, 2020


I've got so many projects going, I'm not sure which one to work on.  My list of stitching I'm working on....I've linked several of the projects to other posts I've made about them...just click on the link to see the project....
1. 1930's Sunbonnet Sue
2. Indiana Leaf Quilt
3. 8 1/2" Crazy Quilt
4. Frog Hanging
5. Scrappy Shapes 
6. 1930's Dresden Plate
7. Happy Scrappy Quilt to Bind
8. Jar Quilt-needs sandwiched/tied
9. Embroidered Pillow Case

See what I mean....TOOOOOOO many to decide on.  I'll put all of them in a bowl, close my eyes and pick one.  Or maybe I'll stitch 1 hour on each one....what do you think!

Hope you all have a great Stitching Day!

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  1. Whatever you choose to do, it sounds as if you are going to have a fun day of stitching. It is always a most wonderful thing to have oodles of choices.

  2. I know what you mean about having so many projects it's hard to choose. What I do now is to list 6, roll a dice each Monday, and whatever number comes up, work on that number for a week. And repeat each week, this system works very well for me!

  3. Forgot to add, having 6 projects listed, then as some get to the finish line, I can then add more to my list. Although I started off with UFOs now and again a new start gets added in, just because.

  4. Oh I like the idea of picking from the bowl. Have fun!!

  5. I'm not a one project at a time person, but I limit active projects to three. That's so I can make real progress on them. One of the three is usually a leaders and enders project. If I try to do many more than 3 at a time, there's not enough progress on any one of them and I get frustrated. Try different strategies to see what works best for you.


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