Saturday, May 16, 2020


Over at Scarp Happy, the color for the month is Dark Greens.  So I've been working on a Frog Wall Hanging.  I've got 2 blocks done..but....there is always a but.....I'm not happy with the positioning of the blocks.  Too much of the fern like fabric between the two blocks....and I need to turn the lily pad block, so it's sideways which will fix the border problem.   Better get the seam ripper out....
I've also got a few 8 1/2' Crazy Quilt blocks done.  Before someone asks what those pieces of fabric pinned in the corners are.....I keep a Crazy Quilt I save little snippets of the fabrics used for making a block.  Now I get to add embroidery stitches and all the other embellishments on the block.  Some examples of embellishments are lace, ribbon, buttons, charms, ribbon.....basically what ever you can sew on to the block is a go....

 Have a great Scrappy


  1. Our frog and lily pad block is fun! I like those crazy quilt blocks, too - they'll make a fun and colorful quilt!

  2. SEW glad that you managed to work thru some Dark GREEN scraps this week for the RSC! I'm interested in your Crazy Quilt journal. How do you go about incorporating the fabric bits into it?

  3. Great scrappy green post! The crazy quilt blocks look fabulous. Have fun doing the embellishments.

  4. Your frog is adorable! And there is lots of delicious green in your crazy quilt blocks. Very nice!


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