Tuesday, March 1, 2022


 had all check marks, but not quite there.

My To-Do list from last week...

1. Finish binding Polar Bears.

2. Make 5 more Christmas Sampler blocks, progressing. +

3. Do Week 9 of TAST.✔

4. Put on next border of SAHRR.

5. Make another Fall Sampler block.👎

6. Work on Circle quilt.

7. Do the Aqua Bird House for RSC.

1. Polar Bears has it's binding, just need to sew on the label.


2. The Christmas Sampler block is cut, just need to cut a snowman and pin it down.  I did get an embroidery Christmas block ready to go.  

3. The new TAST stitch this week is Couching.  Hop over to Pintangle to check it out.


4. The next border for my SAHRR is yellow and will have flowers on it.


5. Didn't get to work on the Fall Sampler...I spent 2 days looking through every box and bin...I thought for sure they were lost...but I found them!  The next block will be Pumpkin Pie.

6. I sewed a few more circles together.  These are for October.

 7. And I got  my RSC February Aqua Bird House done. I added a hanger to the top.

To-DoTuesday List for March 1st through March 7th....

1.  Do more Fall Sampler blocks.

2.  Do more Christmas Sampler blocks.

3.  Work on SAHRR.

4.  Add a few more circles to October.

5. Put the label on Polar Bears.

6. Do Week 10 of TAST.

Hope you have a wonderful sewing....


  1. Sherrie all your projects are just so cute. I love that bird house especially, and the Polar Bears are darling! I like the SAHRR yellow border, you've just given me an idea for mine - lol!
    Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!

  2. How did you week go Sherrie? Mine just disappeared, which is why I am so late looking at your blog :( Thank you for linking up with Monday This and That and hope your week went well :) xx


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